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                                  SS: +*B Fra Jac's Chief Joseph
                     S: Wild*West Sundance Kid
                                  SD: Carousel Arrowhead
Aylesworth Kid Kalypso (LA 4-02 89 EEEV almost dry)
                                  DS: ++B GCH Nestucca Brackens Bo-K
                     D: Anins BBK's Best West Fez
                                  DD:  CGS Dam

Kalypso I just love,  she dominates in General Appearance, she is correct 
everywhere!  her lacking point is her size.  she is not a hugely tall
doe and now as a mature animal she is penalized slightly for it. Although the
judges have always mentioned in General Appearance she surpasses the competition
She has a tightly attached mammary with a nice rear as well as foreudder, if
we could just add a tiny more height to her we'd have a perfect package and be estatic.

I have kept her 2001 buck kid by Awesome and will get some kids out of him
and maybe sell him next year  or I might keep him  you never can tell with

Kalypso is being bred to Luke

Kids $400
1st doe reserved