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                                   SS: GCH ++*BHallcienda Frosty Marvin
                  S: GCH ++*B Kismet Marvins Smooth Operator
                                   SD: GCH Kismet Hero's Nutmeg 2*M
*B Elkhorn Smooth Luke
                                   DS: C/F Sonic Echo
                 D: GCH Elkhorn Wild Fiona 6*M(LA 92 EEEE)
                                   DD: Ladies Blue Wild Bonnie 5*M

We are extremely excited about our new herd sire.  He is uphill, correct and has a 
WIDE U shaped escutcheon area.  He reeks in great general appearance like both 
his parents.  we used him quite a bit last year and boy am I happy with the
kids we got!!!   One doeling I took to Colorado where she was named Best Junior
doe in show!!!   then I took three doe kids to the Utah State Fair where 
they all three competed in the Senior kid class we ended up with 1st 2nd and 
4th place :-)  they came back later for Junior Get of sire and won 1st place.
He won one GCH leg this year himself also.   We need to teach him better 
manners to be shown as he doesn't look all that great dragging me around the 
ring most of the time!!!  hahahahaahahahaha

semen available  at 5/$75       Live Service available at $25                                                                   
Luke                                Lukes dam