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                                                            SS: +*B White Wave Sarsaparilla
                                               S: *B AJ's Udder Delight Head Honcho
                                                            SD: GCH Amon Hen Liaison RTZ Buttercup 2*M
AJ's Udder Delight Jonquil 6*M
                                                            DS: +*B Snowbird Blue Tuxedo
                                             D: AJ's Udder Delight Escapade  5*M
                                                           DD:GCH AJ's Udder Delight Dream Image 4*M

Jonquil has a very nice udder , nice body, although I do fault her for
having a higher dorsal then I would like, but on a whole I really really
like her.  she was 4 X 1st  1X2nd at shows in 99. and in 2000 showed very
well (but I'll have to look up the actual "stats" I do distinctly remember
her being named Best Udder of Breed in Idaho )  I did not show her
this year because frankly I had to many goats and not enough time and it 
was either dry some off or go insane. 

Jonquil will be bred to  Leo 
Kids $300