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AJ's Udder Delight Escapade 5*M

SS: Snowbird Columbia S: +*B Snowbird Blue Tuxedo SD: Snowbird Blue Icey Cappy DS: *B Klarma's Frosty Future D: GCH AJ's Udder Delight Dream Image 4*M DD: AJ's Udder Delight Carolyn Cappy is a huge doe! She lost half her udder to gangreous mastitis as a yearling. the next year she developed problems by having to much milk and so she had a total mastectomy. I bought her after having already purchased three of her daughters and boy is she proving to be a awesome brood doe and well worth having around just to make more kids(and besides that she has the greatest personality!!). At this time I have four of her daughters Jonquil, GCH Karlada, Kailoni, and Jeckyl. Hopefully Cappy will be bred to Emperor. kids $600