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                        SS: +*B AJ's Udder Delight Head Honcho
                S: CH AJ's Udder Delight LastEmperor
                        SD: AJ's Udder Delight Fango Suite 3*M
Utopia Emps Werewolf 
                        DS: +*B Colquitt's Wolfman Jack  
                D: Willow Lane Beautiful Wolf
                        DD: GCH Willow Lane Equus Ellenore 5*M

Werewolf is Matija's Buckling born in January of 2001out of Beautiful.
I am very excited to see how he grows up as right now he is a lovely 
growthy young man who reminds me alot of his sire with perhaps a more 
level rump!

He will be bred to a few does as soon as he "figures it out".  We had 
him collected as "insurance" and now he's kinda confused that he actually
has to put it all the way in.... I'm sure he'll learn though!

No semen for sale of course til he grows up and has daughters. 
limited outside breeding to approved does may be available $25