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                             SS: ++*B GCH Kismet Marvins Smooth Operator
                      S: *B Elkhorn Smooth Luke
                             SD: GCH Elkhorn Wild Fiona 6*M (92 EEEE)
Utopia ToTo AN                   
                             DS: GCH +*B Capricorn Three Ti Excalibur
                      D:Willow Lane Twister To Oz AN1082810
                             DD: Willow Lane CD Dorthy

ToTo is a lovely girl.
very tall and long with great dairy character.  She was 1st place last
year at the Utah State Fair as a senior Kid. This year as a dry yearling
she won many Reserves and was GCH and Best Junior Doe in Show at the 
Sanpete County Fair.  

Doe kids: $200