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                                SS: GCH ++*B Hallcienda Frosty Marvin
                S: GCH ++*B Kismet Marvins Smooth Operator
                                SD: GCH Kismet Hero's Nutmeg 2*M
4B Smooth Tinker Belle
                                DS: GCH ++*B Santana J
                D: GCH 4B SJ Bonnie Belle 2*M
                                DD: GCH MWL Navajo's Disco Dolly 1*M

Birthdate: 4/8/00
Color: Frosted Brown; tan and black markings; white ears, crown and muzzle
      (she turns silver when clipped)

Tinkerbelle is a sweetheart.  She was left as a dry yearling this year
but then I mistakenly sent her papers in to transfer them to our dual 
account and didn't get them back in time for the show season.  She was 
1st place at last years State Fair though.

Tinker will be bred to Colt 
doe kids $200