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Klisse's TE Thimbleberry Frost

SS: *B Talaches Windward S: *B Talaches Eldon SD: Talache's Ice Magic "Elmira" 1*M Thimble DS: Briarwind Silver Lining D: Klisse's BSL Marionberry Frost DD: Klisse's GSMS Bumbleberryfrost 5*M Thimble is a doe that I purchased from Klisse Goodey. She had received a dry leg before I brought her home. This year as a milking yearling she is lovely. She is long, tall and lovely with a great mammary. She was shown at the state fair this year where she was 1st place yearling milker. I am very excited to see her freshen next year and take her out to more shows! thimble is a black doe with white points. Thimble was bred to "onyx" Doe kids $150