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Ordering Info and terms of sales....

Please read carefully!

Prices are for PRE-ORDERED kids only, prices may or may not go up once they are born. We require a $50 deposit to hold the kid of your choice. This deposit may be refunded credited or transferred to another kid IF AND ONLY IF the ordered sex of kid is not born. Your deposit WILL NOT be returned if you change your mind about getting the kid. We will not retain any preordered kids for our own herd, as I feel that is not fair to the people who took the time to reserve the kid in the first place. the ONLY time I would go against this policy is if the doe dies during birth and only one kid was produced. ALL shipping expenses, including but not limited to, airfare, crates and health papers, will be the responsiblity of the buyer. Kid prices include staying at our farm for up to six weeks of age, after that time a $.75 a day charge will be incurred. ALL expenses must be paid in full BEFORE the kid is taken home or shipped. Limited delivery MAY be worked out, as we will be making several out of state trips (right now Washington, and probably Colorado. and possibly others) All kids will be raised seperately from their dams on a CAE/Coccidiosis prevention program we encourage buyers to continue these practices to help their kids reach their full potential. We will guarantee the fertility of all kids and will replace infertile kids contingent on us receiving a signed vets statement attesting to the fact the infertility is of a genetic origin and not due to management. ON BUCK KIDS.. we reserve the right to get 20 straws of semen back from EVERY buck kid we sell at collection cost. If this will be a problem, let us know in advance as prices are contingent on this factor. DISCOUNTS: quanitity... We will give a 10% discount on any second or third kid purchased (of equal or lessor value to the first), and a 20% discount on any forth kid (of equal or lessor value to the first) If your considering a quanitity aove that please get ahold of me and we will figure something out! 4-H/FFA... If you are a youth involved in the 4-H or FFA projects we will give a 20% discount on any kid that will be YOUR project animal. Animals must be registered in the youths name.