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Willow Lane Quest for Camelot

SS: ++*B Snowbird New Star S: *B Des Ruhigestelle Chanllenger SD: GCH Des Ruhigestelle Conjureo 3*M Willow Lane Quest for Camelot DS: +*B GCH SInging Spruce NES Shogun D: Willow Lane Quinevere's Marcey 4*M DD: GCH Willow Lane Stacey's Quinever Quest is lovely , well she is lovely if you don't look at her one leg! She broke her leg as a kid and it never healed properly so she will never be shown. :-( She comes from a long line of GORGEOUS does in the Willow Lane Herd. She is the maternal half sister to the 94 National Junior Champion. She freshened with a lovely well attached globular gorgeous udder! She will be bred this year to Emperor kids: $300