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                                 SS: *B Foxwood Mccaylas Smooth Talker
                       S: CH *B Foxwood Mccaylan
                                 SD: GCH Briarknoll Piejar's Mccayla 4*M
Cherry Hill MCS Minnie Pearl
                                 DS: *B Mini Rosa Breezy Rimber Max Jr
                       D: GCH Cherry Hill MXC Sarah Cannon 1*M
                                 DD: Rocking Thistle AC Captiva

Birthdate: 4/11/99
Color: Red brown with black trim; tan facials; silver ears, nose and star

Minnie Pearl is a awesome doe, Colt bought her as a kid from Mary Clarke
in Virginia and he has been her "baby" since.  She was Reserve Champion
numerous times as a kid and was Grand Champion Junior at the Utah State
Fair in 2000. She has tremendous general appearnce, she's long, she's
level, she's got wonderful dairy character and she freshened this year
with a awesome udder!  it is high wide and attached all over the place!
We are very excited to see her as a second freshener!!!  Hopefully next
year colt will "show her" instead of loving on her in the ring 
but you never know with that boy! 

We are going to try and AI Pearl to Faith Farm EH Pezuta
back up will be to Luke 
Kids: $400