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Utopia Patent Pending

SS: ++*B GCH Kismet Marvins Smooth Operator S: *B Elkhorn Smooth Luke SD: GCH Elkhorn Wild Fiona 6*M (LA 92 EEEE) Patent Pending DS: Wild West Sundance Kid D: Aylesworth Kid Kalypso (LA 4-02 89 EEEV almost dry) DD: Anins BBK's Best West Fez Pat is a young buck from last year, he is very correct, level and uphill with a wide escutcheon and good feet and legs. at this time he is finally filling out and growing up. I think he'll grow tremendously once he quits rutting so hard and thinks about food again! He was used on alot of does this year and will be making his way to his new home with Janet Alberts of Blue Cedars dairy goats in the spring. Live service is available at this time: $25