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                                    SS: +*B Des Ruhigestelle Steve
                      S: ++*B Nu Tog A Saan Leopold
                                    SD: Des Ruhigestelle Mea 1*M
Klisse's Minuet of Hope
                                    DS: +*B Gold Banner BJ Bravo
                      D: Klisse's GBB Moment of Hope
                                    DD: Klisse's WVLC Splendor Of Hope

oh my lovely little mini,  I bought her at the Colorama sale at the 
national show in Minnesota cause I really liked the looks of her sisters.
She was smallish, but has been growing like a weed and got JRGCH at the 
show I took her to after getting her home :-) 
she is very long, level and uphill and had a fabulous udder with an exceptional
rump.  Unfortunately she had problems while kidding in 1999 and we could not
get her to settle for the 2000 kidding season. She has had regular heats so 
far this year though and we are hoping that we can get her pregnant this time!

Mini was bred to   Leo  on 10/29 and so we are now 
anxiously awaiting the next time she should come in.  

kids $300