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                              SS: GCH ++*B Kismet Marvins Smooth Operator                                   
                         S: *B Elkhorn Smooth Luke
                              SD: GCH Elkhorn Wild Fiona 6*M(LA 92 EEEE)
Utopia Colt's Lighthouse
                              DS: *B C/F Sonic Echo
                         D: Elkhorn Desert Fog
                              DD: Springs Meadow Desert Blossom

Birthdate: 2/14/00
Color: Brown Roan; Black leg trim; white topknot; frosted ears

Lighthouse is Colt's doe, otherwise she would have been name cupid or
something valentine like!  I took lighthouse to Colorado last year 
where she got her dry leg and was named Best junior doe in show.

Lighthouse will be bred to Awesome or one of his sons.