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AJ's Udder Delight Hale Lia

SS: ++*B Nu Tog A Saan Leapold S: *B AJ's Udder Delight Leo LiaSaan SD: GCH Amon Hen Liaison RTZ Buttercup 2*M (top ten) Lia DS: Aldor K Titus D: JC Reed's Cloverhoof Haley 2*M (current all time high breed leader for milk) DD: JC Reed's Joanie (top ten) I acquired Lia from Andrea Green as a kid and am very happy to have her in my herd. I acquired her littermate brother at the same time and later both her maternal and paternal grand dams! She has lines with MILK as well as very showy animals on the sires side. She herself was shown a few times as a kid, going Junior Champion once. We had changed our minds about breeding Lia after we "thought" she came back into heat after being bred one time, so we were going to leave her a dry yearling.well she had other plans!! turned out she really did conceive and we were greeted with a surprise doe baby!! Lia is growing into a very nice doe to look at and her udder is beautiful and shows great promise of production to come. she was shown once in 2000 at the Utah State fair and was 1st place milking yearling. She was not shown in 2001, but is maturing well and I plan on showing her in the coming year. Lia will be bred to Kids $250