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                        SS: +*B AJ's Udder Delight Head Honcho
                S: CH AJ's Udder Delight LastEmperor
                        SD: AJ's Udder Delight Fango Suite 3*M
Utopia Beautiful Legacy 
                        DS: +*B Colquitt's Wolfman Jack  
                D: Willow Lane Beautiful Wolf 
                        DD: GCH Willow Lane Equus Ellenore 5*M
Birthdate: 1/27/01

Legacy is Matija's doe.   We unfortunately lost her dam Beautiful this 
year due to a feed mishap but she was truly beautiful.  We are hoping 
Legacy turns out just like she was.   Legacy was shown at the Utah 
State Fair where she was Reserve Champion Junior Saanen.

I believe we are going to leave her as a dry yearling this fall unless
Tia changes her mind.