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                                        SS: +*B White Wave NCJC Sarsaparilla
                               S: *B AJ's Udder Delight Head Honcho
                                        SD:  GCH Amon Hen Liaison RTZ Buttercup
GCH AJ's Udder Delight Karlada
                                        DS: +*B Snowbird Blue Tuxedo
                               D: AJ's Udder Delight Escapade 5*M
                                        DD: GCH AJ's Udder Delight Dream Image 4*M
Karlada is tall tall tall and long and uphill and she has a nice udder.
and she milks and milks and milks.
She earned two GCH legs last year one of which was at the Utah State Fair.
This year she finished her Championship in Colorado in the first Ring of 
the Adams County fair.  I scratched her from the rest of the show season
except for the Utah State Fair where she went Grand for the second year
in a row this year also winning the Champion challenge class and BUOB.
She was also once again part of the 1st place produce of dam and 1st place
best three females.  She also won the milk competition at the State Fair
She is a good milker and even with all the feed problems and changes, she
is over 4,000 pounds again.

DHIR #'s
2-09  305 4260 3.4% BF 145BF  2.7%P  113P
3-08  280 4450 5.46 BF 243BF  2.61P  116P   in progress 

Lada is being bred to Leo