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                                                     SS: ++*B GCH Perfection Snolan
                                    S: ++*B GCH Two Ceders Isle O Man
                                                    SD: GCH Two Ceders Caprice 5*M
*B Willow Lane King of the Isles
                                                    DS: ++*B Coyoteville's Lothario
                                   D: GCH Willow Lane Stacey's Quinever
                                                   DD: GCH Dan Jackies Stacey 2*M

King is a LOOONG Tall buck he is very correct overall but I would like to see more width throughout
on him.  His mother is a very large doe, her udder is tightly attached with a high and wide rear 
udder. her produce of dam was 4th at the 95  Nationals.  His sire throws kids with strength in the 
feet and legs, smoothness of blending and daughters with nice mammaries.  
We saw a few King daughters freshen this spring and they looked nice, we are awaiting more.

no semen available til after seeing more udders.   Live service : $25