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                                  SS: Falling Leaves Biz Yankee Boy
                       S: Aslan's Own Koriakin
                                  SD: Destiny Farm Sandi
Utopia Kori's Kat
                                  DS: Hy Hopes Gid's Glory
                       D:Seekhaven Farm Heather
                                  DD: CH Seekhaven Farm Elsa

Birthdate:  5/2/200

Kori is Heather's dry yearling.  I left her as a dry yearling to see if
she would grow faster then her older sister had..  nooope.  oh well it 
was worth a shot. 

If I find a halfway near obie buck by the next heat I will haul her to be
bred, otherwise she will be bred to either Superstar for lamancha/obie
or to werewolf for saanen/obie

doe kids: don't know yet, need to find out what she's going to have first 

Heather was a very SLOOOOOOOW Maturing doe I discovered but boy did she
turn out nice.   As a young doe she was small had a decent udder, well
attached with what I thought might have been too tight of a medial and 
on the small side but it was pretty nice.  last year it was better and
this year I really like it and she started milking!!  the first two years
I didn't know if she was worth taking the time to milk (I'm too used to 
the saanens I guess) but this year I was very happy with her production.
The only show that had any competition was at the State Fair where there 
were actually other goats besides my two!!  She still did well and was
named Grand Champion and Best Udder of breed :-)

This year we are going to try and AI her to FDF Pleasant Fields Nick
I am still trying to locate a obie buck in utah. I know there is one
somewhere (or there was) I just haven't found him again yet! 

kids $250