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GCH JC Reed's Joanie 1*M

SS: GCH +*B Alder Ridge Zorro S: *B Amalthea's Joe Windwalker SD: Luv-A-Lots Maryah 1*M Joanie (top ten) DS: +*B Washoe Zephyr Camelot D: Washoe Zephyr Camelot Lucille DD: Campaneros Jester Elusive Joanie is a large deep bodied doe. She was on the top ten breed leaders list last year producing 3980 lbs of milks. she also appraised 89 VEEE . Her daughter Haley set the record for Saanen milk production. Joanie has proven she can milk as well as pass it along to her daughters. I am very impressed by how well attached and shaped her udder is at 8 years and all that milk. I would like to tighten up her shoulders a bit though. I took her out this year and showed her for the first time in her life and ended the year with her now being a finished GCH. Judges continously praised her for how her great feet and legs and wonderful udder even after all these years. Joanie will be bred again to Emperor and hopefully she'll be thinking DOE thoughts this year. Kids $600