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4B SST Houston

SS: +*B Fra Jac's Chief Joseph S: CH Sunny Haven Sedona's Tampico SD: CH Carousel's Sedona houston DS: ++*B GCH Kismet Marvins Smooth Operator D: GCH 4B Smooth Dallas 1*M DD: CH Carousel's Abilene Houston is a doe I got into my possesion at the National Show in Sacremento, where .... I almost had to pry her from the death grip claws of her owner that stingy 4B farms lady who won't let me have her mother even though they're all plain brown... (love ya bev and thanks SOOOO much for selling me houston!!!) ... I mean where she was 9th place Senior Kid in a VERY large class. She was a big kid, with wonderful conformation, a beautiful escutcheon and hopefully will take after her lovely mother (ya know the aforementioned one the stingy one won't let me have.) she won her dry leg while still in Texas with Beverly, and she was RCH at the Utah State Fair when I got her home. Houston freshend this year with a nice udder, I think with another freshening to give her a bit more milk it will be lovely!