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                           SS: * B Highwater Gideon
                   S: Hy Hopes Gid's Glory
                           SD: CH Hy Hopes Hill Swiss Miss
Seekhaven Farm Heather
                           DS: +*B Highwater Alchemist
                   D: CH Seekhaven Farm Elsa
                           DD: Alpenglow Winners Raveah 1*M

Heather was JrRGCH as a kid, and placed in the top half all other times. 
she has a very nice wide escutcheon. When she first freshened I wasn't 
sure of her medial (it was tighter then I'd like) but with another freshening
it looks good and she actually had milk!  She really changed alot this year 
maturing and "blossoming"
She didn't have any compeition (except her daughter) this year until the 
state fair as there are not any obies left in Utah it seems. At the State
fair obies were brought down from Idaho and Heather was GCH and BUOB.

Her 1st daughter by Koriakin did well in the showring, including being
JR Champion once in 1999 and then only being shown once in 2000 at the Utah
State Fair where she was Reserve Junior champion. in 2001 she freshened
with a nice udder I like it better then her mothers because it has a nicer
foreudder, but right now she lacks the capacity her mother has grown into
She did beat her mother for GCH once this year (at one of those shows it 
was only the two of them ) and then at the state fair she was 1st 
place 2 year old.

We are going to try and AI her to FDF Pleasant Fields Nick
and I'm still looking for someone with a Obie buck in Utah to use for
live breeding.