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We raise primarily registered Nubian and Saanen dairy goats, but we also
have a  few others including two Oberhasli does,one Alpine doe and two brand
new recently acquired Sables.  

We have a evergrowing herd, although I delegate to the "meat herd" anything
that does not meet my expectations.We have been gradually increasing our shows
This year I traveled to Oregon, Idaho and Colorado as well as attending shows
here in Utah.
We are also getting more into the performance programs and think that they too
will (eventually) help us to meet our goals in the future.

Last fall we finally got the papers signed on acquiring the farm and planned
to begin to work in ernest this coming spring on laying the groundwork for our
new dairy goat farm and dairy.  Things did not work out quite as planned as the 
bulldozer operator did not bother to show up and finish leveling the 20 acres
on which we will be building until this fall.  Now we are at a standstill as 
Todd will be having some major surgeries done to hopefully correct his knee 
problems (for now anyhow) and so will be incapacitated for the next 6 months.
So this year almost all of our kids, some of our yearlings and some two year olds
will be available for sale as we will not be up to full milking ability for better
then a year and we just don't have the room at our present site for all of them that 
I want to keep. We have a really good base to start with right now  so I'm not 
worried about needing to keep replacements quite yet.
We started into goats when our son, Colt, needed the milk and promptly fell 
in love with the personalitites and quirks of these fine animals.  We are still 
in the learning process  (aren't we all) but we are very pleased with the pro-
gress of our animals so far.

Below you will find links to most of the adult animals we own and some of the 
young does, more will be added as time permits. If you have any questions on 
them, or just want to talk "goats" feel free to email me.
                                               Happy Browsing