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WELCOME to Utopia ! ! ! !

We are so glad you stopped into our "zoo". As you will soon see we raise registered dairy goats under the farm name "Utopia". "we" consists of, me, Laurie Petersen, my husband, Todd, and our two kids; Matija (tia) who is nine and Colt who is seven. Besides our goats we also have 3 horses, a mule,8 dogs, a mess of chickens, a mated pair of Tolouse geese, a bunch of Muscovy ducks,the ever present feeder pigs, a couple spoiled rotten housecats,two barn cats that adopted us, the kids two heifer calves oh yes and Freddie the housebunny. We live in a little tiny town in Utah, and love it here. I couldn't imagine living in a "big city" again! My husband works for a beryllium plant, and I mostly putter around my backyard playing with my two legged and four legged kids. YIKES! I need more time. This overhaul may never get done!!! I did just add a list (that isn't done either) of the entire herd, according to my husband "everything is for sale" for a price, but of course you will notice some are not for sale for anything cause I said so (a couple are because they are my childrens and they say so at this time). some would have to be paid big dollars to get them to leave but most really are available. this list can be found here GOATLIST Hopefully soon I'll have ALLthe goat pedigrees, any who are for sale (and there are some cause I really should cut down further). After that I will work on the other critters and family pages etc. Please forgive this temporary setback in your viewing pleasure and come visit us again. If you have questions I can answer before then please email me and I'll get back to you. Thanks for dropping by!!



List of Goats

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