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                                                    SS: +*B Royal Cedars Plum Legacy
                                  S: Royal Cedar's Legacy Gold Rush
                                                   SD: Royal Cedars Alii Macaroon
  M-Star LGR Velvet's Ember 
                                                   DS: *B Musk Rose Sullivan
                                  D: M Star Cafe Au Lait
                                                  DD: The M Star Farm's A La Mode
Ember is a doe who is "on lease".   she placed  in the top five in all her
classes as a dry yearling.  she  freshened with a very very nice udder(and
a foreudder that is smooth as silk). I would like her to have better ears 
but her kids seem to have gotten their dads ears, and be a bit taller and
more upstanding.  She showed well as a first freshener placing high in good
sized classes but hasn't been shown since. 
Ember will be bred to Bubba Ray
Percentage doe kids will be $100
Market wether kids may be available