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                                        SS:++*B GCH Perfection Snolan
                            S:GCH ++*B Two Cedar's Isle of Man
                                        SD: GCH Two Cedars Caprice 5*M
Willow Lane Isle of Eden
                                        DS: ++*B GCH Des Ruhigestelle Equus 
                            D: GCH Willow Lane Equus Ellenore 5*M
                                        DD: Willow Lane Jacqueline 4*M

Eden is a shorter Saanen (not tooo short but shorter)She is very nice to 
look at, level over the topline, good feet and a lovely well attached udder.
I love her dam who has shown extremely well in the last few years including
being third place four year old at the 99 Nationals with 2nd best udder 
more ellenore info below). 

Ugh, Eden foundered this summer and although she is doing better she still
is not walking right all the time. She was milking very well before she 
foundered and then she totally dried off so only milked 262 days and didn't
make it to the milk competition at the state fair that we use as a verification
test anyhow. 

Eden, was shown on two occasions as a kid, two times 1st and one time JrGCH
as a yearling milker she placed no lower then third with many firsts.
as a three year old she was only shown two times one time winning Reserve Champion.
milk data: 2-00 320 3050 4.26%BF 130BF 2.88%P 88P
           3-01 169 2030 3.9%BF 79BF  2.33%P 47P 
           3-09 262 3670 4.63BF 170BF  2.59%P 95P 
Eden will be bred to Emp 

kids $300

In 97 Ellenore was 5X1st 4XGCH 4X BOB 1X RGCH 5xBUOB  1XBDIS 3XBUIS.  she was also named All American 2 year old.
Ellenore was 3rd place 4 year old with 2nd place udder at the 99 ADGA 
National Show.  She was also on the top ten list for two years.