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GCH Amon Hen Liaison RTZ Buttercup 2*M

SS: ++*B Companeros Voice of Reason S: *B Tim Tam Reason Liaison SD: GCH Tim Tam Von Lillian 1*M buttercup (top ten) DS: ++*B Pandanus CVR Executive Suite D: Pandanus Suite at the Ritz 1*M DD: Des Ruhigestelle Sophie I was extremely lucky to be given the opportunity to acquire buttercup even if it was only a short time til she passed away. I have retained her info on the site as a reference doe. She has done everything you could ask of a doe. She earned her championship where two legs were by being Best doe in Show. She has a total of 7 BDIS, 4 BUIS, she was on the top ten breed leader list producing 4,000 pounds of milk. One of her sons was on the young sire summary. She has many other gorgeous kids, even if they've all been bucks cept one!!!