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                                    SS: GCH +*B Tangleroot Royal Image
                        S: *B Waiilatpu Tri Red Masquerade
                                    SD: Waiilatpu Goliath's Redwing 11*M
Utopia Cookies & Cream
                                    DS: GCH +B Hoach's HCL Abriham
                        D: Waiilatpu Abriham's Candleabra
                                    DD: GCH Waiilatpu Jim Casey 9*M

Cookie is a alpine dry yearling.  She is a very nice young doe that I 
like more and more as she grows.  I've always liked her disposition but
she's really getting a nice body on her now.  She was Grand Champion 
Junior Alpine at the Utah State Fair this year.  she was also 3X Reserve
previously this year.

I was going to haul her to be bred but she seemed to have other ideas 
and snuck in with Leo  so I guess we'll be having
experimental saanen/alpines. 

doe kids: $100