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Ok, So there's not very many of them so I'm going to put them all on this one page.. I guess I'll put the half alpine too. SS: Hoach's Classic Lebaron S: Hoach's HCL Abriham SD: CH Hoach's Awe Alluring Waiilatpu Abriham's Candleabra DS: +*B Goodwood James D: GCH Waiilatpu Jim Casey 9*M DD: GCH JM Swan Acres Broken Promises 8*M Candy was the lone Alpine on the place, but now her daughter is here too. Candy is going to be bred to an Alpine if I can fit in the drive when she comes in heat next time.
SS:GCH +*B Tangleroot Royal Image S:*B Waiilatpu Tri Red Masquerade SD:Waiilatpu Goliath's Redwing 11*M Utopia Cookies and Cream DS:GCH +BHoach's HCL Abriham D: Waiilatpu Abriham's Candleabra GCH Waiilatpu Jim Casey 9*M Cookie is a dry yearling this year. I would like her to be a little taller, but as time has gone by this year she just keeps looking better. This year she was shown 4 times going Reserve Champion Junior 3 times before Winning Grand Champion Junior at the Utah State Fair. She was going to be bred to an alpine BUT she had ideas of her own and finangled her way into Leo's pen thus ruining my plans.
SS:GCH ++*B Two Cedars Isle of Man S:*B Willow Lane King of the Isles SD: GCH WIllow Lane Stacey's Quinever Utopia Hershey Kiss (50%AS 50%AA) DS: Hoach's HCL Abriham D:Waiilatpu Abriham's Candleabra DD: GCH Waiilatpu Jim Casey 9*M Hershey is Candy's 2 year old daughter. She is a lovely black doe with a really nice udder. She is either already bred to Bubba the boer buck or will be bred to Leo.
and as I put hershey here I might as well put her daughter too... SS: *B AJ's Udder Delight Leo Liasaan S: *B AJ's Udder Delight Hale Leo SD: JC Reed's Cloverhoof Haley 2*M Utopia Hershey Hugs (75% AS 25%AA) DS:*B Willow Lane King of the Isles D:Utopia Hershey Kiss (50%AS 50%AA) DD:Waiilatpu Abriham's Candleabra Hugs is Hershey's April 2001 kid. She is very VERY nice. I "almost" sold her for waaaaaaaaaaay cheap to a lady who didn't care about papers but as I watched her walk across the pen I went "WHOA!" look at that rump. then I watched the rest of her and realized I just hadn't paid near enough attention to this one. So I kept her and entered her in the State Fair where she was named Junior Grand Champion Recorded Grade :-0 I have not quite decided wether to breed her for late kids or leave her dry and take her to the National show next year as a dry yearling. Decisions Decisions Decisions.