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                               SS: ++*B Winterwoods The Medicine Man
                         S: GCH +B One Oak Hill Medicine Tumult
                               SD: GCH One Oak Hill Harlequin Tullia
Kastdemur's Black Beauty
                               DS: +B Slinker Ridge Balcazar
                         D: Kastdemur's Andorra 2*M
                               DD: Kastdemur's Oreo 1*M

B.B. is matija's Lamancha,  I was never a big lamancha person never 
could get over the ear thing I guess but Tia worked for the money, 
made the calls and did the buying so whats a mom to do . Besides,
and don't tell her this cause I'll deny it it, but the little black 
bugger has kinda won me over.  well anyway,  BB is a very pretty doe,
she is all black with a white hair or two.  she has great conformation
and an excellent rear leg set with lots of width between the hocks and 
a great escutcheon.  One thing I would want to change on her a bit is 
to make her taller and longer.  right now as a dry yearling she is short
and fat   I'm looking forward to seeing her freshen and milking
some of the fat off!    

BB will be bred to superstar 
Kids $300